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Our vision is to create a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment that supports the growth and development of children at every stage of their early life. We aim to provide high-quality care and education that fosters a love of learning, creativity, and social well-being.

In Casaninos, we have highly trained, experienced teachers and caregivers who have a passion for working with young children. We create individualized learning plans that meet the unique needs of every child.

Our curriculum is play-based, child-centered, and developmentally appropriate, designed to promote curiosity, exploration, and discovery. We prioritize hands-on learning experiences that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

In our nursery program, we focus on improving our creative curriculum based, that encourages children to explore their surroundings. Our teachers are trained in child development and work closely with our parents to ensure that our children needs are met.

For our primary education program, we offer a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges students to reach their full potential. Our teachers uses a variety of teaching methods including technology to explore different areas. We offer extra-curricular activities that allow children to exhibit their skills.

At our school, our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment that promotes the overall development of children. We strive to foster a love for learning that lasts a lifetime and empowers our students to become responsible and compassionate members of their communities.

We strive to create a welcoming and supportive school community that values diversity and promotes respect, kindness, and empathy. We believe in building strong partnerships with families and caregivers to ensure that every child's individual needs and interests are met.

We believe that children learn best when they feel valued and supported. Our dedicated and passionate educators work closely with families to ensure that each child receives individual attention and guidance. We encourage our students to explore their interests, develop their creativity, and become independent thinkers.

We believe in creating a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates the unique contributions of all individuals. Through our programs and interactions, we seek to instill in our students a sense of respect, empathy, and responsibility towards themselves, others, and the world around them.

Ultimately, our goal is to prepare our students for a successful future by helping them develop the skills and attitudes needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world."

Casaninos is a school that offer day care, nursery, and primary education to young children. We are located in a peaceful neighborhood and have a colorful playground where the children could run, jump, and play.
Every morning, parents will drop off their little ones at the day care center where they are warmly greeted by the teachers. The children are always excited to spend their day with their friends and learn new things

In the nursery, the children enjoyed activities such as finger painting, story time, and music. The teachers are patient and nurturing, providing a safe and comfortable environment for the little ones to explore and learn.

As the children grew older, they move on to the primary education section of the school. Here, they learned fundamental skills such as reading, writing, and math, as well as exploring more advanced subjects like science, history, and art. The teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated, inspiring the children to ask questions and develop their critical thinking skills.

Throughout the year, we organize various events and activities to keep the children engaged and excited about learning. There is always a field trips to museums, nature reserves, talent shows,  sports day and every Friday Igbo Day. We also have quize day, where the children compete with each other

Casaninos school is a second home to the children, and they love coming back every day to learn, play, and grow. The parents are grateful for the exceptional care and education their children receive , also know that they are in good hands.

Casaninos School continue to provide a nurturing environment for generations of young children, setting them on a path towards a bright future

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Day Care

Day care is a form of child care that provides supervised care and learning activities for children during the day, typically while their parents or guardians are at work or attending to other responsibilities.

Our Day Care is from Children Aged 0 to 2 years old.

In a day care setting, children participate in age-appropriate activities that promote learning and development, such as arts, crafts, porty tranning, storytelling, games, music, and physical activities.


Nursery education refers to the education provided to young children who are not yet old enough to attend primary school.

Typically, children between the ages of two and five attend our nursery education programs.

Nursery education plays an essential role in a child's development as it provides a foundation for future learning. In these programs, children learn socialization skills, language development, early math and literacy concepts. They also learn how to interact with other children and adults in a structured setting, which helps them to develop important social and emotional skills.

Primary education is the first stage of formal education that children receive. It typically begins at the age of five to seven and lasts for six years. The aim of primary education is to provide children with a solid foundation in basic literacy, numeracy, and social skills that will help them in their future academic and personal lives.

In primary education, children usually learn a range of subjects, mathematics, English language (reading, writing, and phonics), science, social studies, and physical education. The curriculum also include  arts, music, Igbo and french language.
Primary education is a crucial stage of a child's development as it provides the building blocks for later learning. It helps children develop their cognitive, social, emotional skills and lays the foundation for critical thinking. Primary education helps children develop a love for learning, curiosity, and creativity that can inspire them to continue learning throughout their lives.